Meera | Sweet joy

As a photographer, I’ve been very blessed to have met a number of wonderful people that I normally would not have had an opportunity to.  I’ve been given a glimpse into many of your lives and special moments.  I’ve been introduced to a number of organizations such as Girl’s Inc, Gananoque Humane Society, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Happy Soul Project to name a few.  I’ve met some amazing young people who are inspiring change such as Mackenzie Curran, McKenna Modler and Tara Mccallum and her daughter Pip.  I’ve met youngster such as Abby Stewart who also use their talents to assist with organizations like the United Way and it inspires me to continue to use my talents wherever there is a need.  I see so much joy in our world because of it.

Recently, I was introduced to little Meera when her mom contacted me after the #Differentisbeautiful calendar launched.  We’ve chatted about Meera’s story and I was inspired to meet this wonderful youngster.  This past week, I had that opportunity.  When I arrived at their home her parents were making dinner, so I spent time with Meera, her sister and friend outside.  Meera is so outgoing she wasn’t shy whatsoever.  She simply stated to me “I had cancer” like it was nothing at all.  When I told her I had had cancer too, she replied “Really?!!”  as if she hadn’t met anyone before like her.  She proceeded to come and show me her scar, but to my surprise it wasn’t her nose she was pointing out.  She had pulled her shirt down a little to show me the scar where her portacatheter had been as if that was the marking of a cancer survivor.  So I showed her my scar.  Honestly, when I first layed eyes on this little one, it was not hard to not stare at her nose….rather, it was very simple because what I saw was her beautiful green eyes that sparkled like crazy.  You could see the joy she felt in her eyes she was so expressive.  She asked me if she could tell me a secret and proceed to whisper in my ear “I want you to stay for supper”.  I laughed and told her I had already eaten but I would stay while she ate hers and talk.  She then said she had another secret and whispered “Can I wear the white wedding dress?”.  She had already spotted the few dresses I had brought with me and of course I said yes.  While eating dinner, we sang “Farmer Brown had a dog and Bingo was his name O”…yes the entire verse with the clapping and did you know there was a 2nd verse about a cow named daisy?  I had forgotten! lol
When she put the dress on Meera was smiling from ear to ear as she spun around for her dad.  I love seeing the happiness when a little girl feels as beautiful as a princess.  She ran for a pair of white shoes and her dad thought they had to be too small, but Meera insisted (come hell or high water) they were going to fit.  She held my hand the entire way walking to the park loving how the dress moved.  We had a great time and on the way home after a dress change, she wanted to wear that wedding dress back so of course I had to let her.  She was disappointed though when she learned she was not going to be able to wear it to school the next day and I felt bad.  I promised to bring it again when I came to see her in a few weeks though.

Meera was diagnosed with cancer when she was two years old.  A tumor was discovered and after chemotherapy and radiation, her parents made the difficult decision but the only one they had and proceeded to have the tumor surgically removed.  The doctors had said what kind of quality of life will she have if they remove it and her parents simply said what quality of life will she have if they don’t.  Meera could have an amazing quality of life if people made the effort to be kinder, taught their children to always be accepting and make sure Meera experiences the same joys as any other 5 year old.  It was so wonderful to watch her friend play with her as if Meera’s appearance was typical.  I hope Meera always has friends like this throughout her life.  When we were photographing, I told her she was so beautiful and that she was going to have hundreds of boyfriends.  She replied, “Really? I hope so!”  lol  Meera also designed a t-shirt for a fundraising walk for the hospital where she was receiving treatment.  She’s another one of God’s spirits that’ll change our world for the better.

When it was time to go, Meera gave me a great big hug as though she’d known me forever.  It made my whole week.  When I got to the car and about to climb in, she was at her front door yelling, “You didn’t give me a kiss!”  I went back and smothered her face with at least 20 kisses.  She giggled away.  I can’t wait to visit with her again in a few weeks.  Thank you so much for contacting me Laura.  You’re daughter is an amazing little girl.