Sylvie Ana | 6 days new | Kingston Newborn Photographer

Little Oliver has a new sister, Sylvie Ana who is just 6 days new when I attended at their home. Oliver is such a chatterbox and was thrilled to introduce me to his new baby sister. He even stayed home from school that morning to have his picture taken with her, however, I had to act quickly because although he wanted to hold her he was to busy to sit still for long. So after showing me his toy tractor, he said he wanted to be photographed with his sister in his parents room and wanted smarties to do it as well. Sylvie Ana is such an adorable baby with her big blue eyes and a ton of dark hair. She could have her first hair cut already there was so much of it. Although she was not up for sleeping much, she was such a good baby and so curious. No crying until it was time for a diaper change. Not only was Oliver so caring towards his sister, but I even got hugs and kisses before he headed off to school when we were done. It was also way too cute when Oliver kissed Sylvie and she immediately gave one of those gassy little smiles. Oliver was so proud that his sister liked his kiss.