Hello and Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped in to my web page and I really hope you enjoy the images I’ve created and we have the opportunity to meet.

My name is Sandra Randall. I’m married to the most caring man ever, David. Together we have 3 wonderful children. I’m not sure how we did it so well, but we did. They’re amazing and they inspire me to be a better person and to enjoy life every single day. We also have 4 crazy ass dogs ruling the house a cat named Toby and a parrot named Skittles.  My husband says one more animal and he’s outta here, so there are days I’m in search of another dog to take in. lol

I’m in love with the world and its so very unique people.  I’ve been to Cuba, Mexico, Alberta, Punta Cana, NYC, Boston, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.  I’m not one to take the tourist route either.  Let me tag along with a local or hit the streets on my own exploring and I’m in heaven.  The colors, the architecture, the people.  It’s astounding what there is to see.  My dream is to go on a mission trip to Africa.
I’m also the kind of person who wears pajamas to the movies with her daughter and not give a hoots ass what someone might think.  It’s about the experience with her that matters.  Life is about making memories with the ones you love.  Taking in as many moments and creating as many memories as possible.  That’s what’s important. It’s about trying new things and it’s about finding comfort in something familiar.  And I’m proud to say I still love crayons.  Admit it…you do too!

I’ve been in love with photography for a very long time and I am truly thrilled when capturing an amazing image. I started my photography business when I was encouraged by many a family and friend to take my passion of photographing and become a professional. So I did. I bought my first Canon digital DSLR and started doing a lot of reading and practicing the techniques I was learning until I become the photographer I am today. I continue to grow my knowledge to provide the best of me and my skills as I can to my clients. You see, I don’t only believe it’s the technical skill required to make an amazing photograph of a person, it’s also having the skill of interacting with people to bring out the best in them to capture a moment to cherish for a life time that matters.

When I photograph a mother to be, I’m as excited as she is expecting the arrival of her new little bundle. When I photograph a newborn, I’m in awww of how wonderful that tiny little life is. Every wedding I photograph, I cry and come away feeling as if I were family and not just your photographer. When I photograph your child, I feel like we just had a play date full of fun and laughter. This is what brings joy to my life and by sharing a little of my talent in an image capturing these moments of your life I hope brings joy to yours.