Make A Wish … You never know when it may come true

When I received a call from my young friend, Mackenzie Curran of Smiles for Mackenzie asking if I would photograph the Make-A-Wish reveal for a little boy living with Aplastic Anemia, of course I said Yes!!!  How could anyone say no?  Little “O” has Aplastic Anemia and requires a bone marrow transplant.  His sister is a match, however, he’s not well enough to undergo the surgery at the moment.  Prayers are most definitely needed.

I arrived to find a scene like you would see on Extreme Home Makeovers where right down to the wire painting and cleaning was still going on a half hour before the family arrived by Limousine provided by Bermuda Limousine while family and friends anxiously awaited their arrival.  I watched as the talented, Dave Sheridan, completed his masterpiece of two spacepeople landing on the moon.  I was staring at the gorgeous mural when I was told that the little boy’s first wish was to receive a trip to the moon.  I had to leave the room and literally lost it bawling my eyes out.  He was getting his trip to the moon.  Mackenzie having met this little boy decided to sponsor his wish fundraising to make it happen along side the wonderful Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario foundation, Pita Pit, and Zoe of Students For Wishes Queen’s University.


Final touches were added with only minutes to spare.

Once everything was completed,  it was simply time to wait and literally watch the paint dry.  In no time at all, up pulled the limo and out spilled the family to be greeted by family, friends and neighbours all clapping and cheering.
What a great way to be greeted and especially on your 5th Birthday.

2015-07-14_0017Everyone was anxious to see the new playroom, but first little “O” had to find what wish was being granted so he followed a trail of gifts down to the basement.  When he reached the bottom of the stairs and saw what was before him, he ran with excitement as his mom tried to hold back tears of joy without any success.  Afterall, if I was crying again, there’s no way she wasn’t going to be.  How awesome is this playroom?!!!

2015-07-15_00012015-07-14_00092015-07-14_00082015-07-14_00062015-07-14_00072015-07-14_0011and what’s a playroom without a place for popcorn and candy!!!!

2015-07-14_0016What a fantastic gift fit for a little superhero.

2015-07-14_00022015-07-14_0003Happy Birthday little “O”…may all your wishes come true.