La Femme Gallery

La Femme origin literally meant “seek the woman”.  However, its original meaning meant “seek the woman because she is most likely the cause of the problem”.  Hmmm, I wonder who thought that up? lol
While that part might very well be true in some instances, you will not find it to be true during a La Femme Session with me.  During your session, we will explore to find the softer more feminine side of what it means to be a woman in your eyes.  We are so often more than just a woman.  We are caretaker, mother, sister, daughter, provider, and so much more and with such strength.  What I want for you to come out with at the end of your session is a feeling that you know who you are and that you are this wonderful beautiful person inside and out.  The sessions are geared to your comfort level so no nudity is required but you may just find yourself confident enough while being photographed that you become more proud of your body and wish to celebrate it.  And you should.  It’s the vessel that carries us woman through life and gives us the strength to do just what it is each of us does.

We will discuss your comfort levels before the session and style your shoot based on the information given.  It may be lingerie or it may simply be a soft delicate blouse or dress that brings out that sexier side of you.  Whatever it may be, you will be photographed with the utmost care and tastefulness that I know you’ll be thrilled to see yourself in a different light.