Trust the value in my experience and the love in my heart to preserve your memories

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Standard Portrait Sessions   |   $225


Lifestyle Sessions   |   $275


Life Unplugged Sessions   |  $525

Invite me into your home to hang out with your family for the day.  We’ll enjoy an amazing time documenting everyday life.   The real fleeting moments that are true to you as a family.  To find out more about these sessions please contact me below.


La Femme Sessions   |   $250


Fine Art Portrait Sessions   |   $250


Wedding Investment Packages


CONTACT ME to INQUIRE about your session

Please also provide as much information as necessary in your comments including your venue, wedding date, and a little about yourselves


In regard to Weddings

When should we book you?

There are a limited number of commissions that are booked each month.  Typically we start to book about 12 months in advance with some exceptions but do not let that deter you in inquiring as to the availability of your date.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  

Why does the cost of photography vary so much?

This is a very good question that without being asked can be difficult to understand.  It is difficult to compare one photographer’s pricing to another  as what is included will vary greatly.  What you will find is that experience, creativity and quality will come at a higher cost.  Just as in shopping at a boutique store compared to Walmart you will find that the items in a boutique store will have been made with higher quality materials, etc.  Higher end photographers spend a great deal of time and money in learning their craft on a regular basis.  They are not learning while experimenting with your memories and your day.  They have experience under their belt to be able to deal with any situation that might arise.  The cost of doing business also vary from each photographer.  Insurance is one aspect that should be considered to which I have you covered.  I use top of the line camera gear, lenses and lighting and also ensure I have a backup.   The gear I carry with me allows me the assurance that no matter the situation you can trust I will be able to produce quality images regardless.  

How many images do I get?

On average you can expect 40 – 60 images per hour of coverage.  For a full day of wedding coverage you can expect an average of 800.  However we do not guarantee a specific number of images as each wedding is unique.  There may be more details to capture, or larger wedding parties than others.  There may be more time allotted to photography while other couples decide to forgo some on the day of for a variety of reasons.  Locations can also inspire my creative side more than others.  Therefore it may be a few less or it may be considerably more.

Do I get the RAW files?

 No.  The raw files are retained by the photographer.  Most clients do not have the ability to process this type of file as they require.  Without the photographers creativity and knowledge they are nothing more than incomplete.  You are hiring your photographer to create a vision which includes the creative aspect of editing and processing the files for a finished product.  Jpeg files are of high quality that will produce an amazing printed image and will be the required method of delivery for vendors.

Is a meal required to be provided?

Yes.  We’ve been working a very long day to ensure we capture all of those amazing precious moments throughout the day.  A little nourishment will help in keeping our energy up for the remainder.  So we gratefully thank you for that as well.