Guildwood Park | Toronto Photographer

After surviving breast cancer and then a pancreatic attack that almost took my life, I see the world through different eyes.  I love to explore what God has created.  I love to experience what man has made.  I love to see the beauty in the people around us.  So whenever possible and where ever possible, I stop and take a look and enjoy.

This is Guildwood Park.  One of my new favorite places to enjoy and I recommend that you check it out too.  And its amazing what our Canadian winters can do to the scenery around us in just a couple of weeks.  It’s a wonderful world we live in.

General Harold Bickford built the central building in 1914. Spencer and Rosa Clark purchased the 36-hectare estate in 1932 and established the “Guild of all Arts,” a rent-free colony for more than 100 craftsmen and their families. Extensive facilities allowed artisans and apprentices to work in a number of mediums from sculpture to painting to ceramics. The Clarks were avid supporters of the arts and collected more than 70 architectural ornaments and artifacts in addition to one hundred and sixty sculptures. Such beautiful grounds and gardens.