Francesca Belle (Frankie) – 1st birthday

It’s your birthday Frankie and so I find myself reflecting on this past year.

You came into this world like no other.  8 lbs 3 oz.  Face first you were so anxious to see the world before you.  A star gazer they say.  Even having to be resuscitated didn’t hold you back for long as they released you into your mother’s arms from the NICU less than 24 hours later.  Even with bruises and swollen lips, you were the most beautiful baby in the world.   You were so quiet…not even a cry for the first 24 hours.  Even now your voice is so tiny, but it doesn’t stop you from being heard.  You have ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes, but what big feet you have my dear.



Francesca Belle.  It’s such a sweet pretty feminine name.  It totally suits you.  You are this tiny dainty quiet good natured sweet little girl who has so much love to share with her family.  Your Great Grandma would have absolutely adored you!  And then there’s your nickname.  Frankie.  It too suits the other side of you.  Despite your being so dainty and girly girl…there’s a side of you that’s completely tom-boyish and I can already see that you’re going to take this world by storm.  Dainty but rough and tough at the same time.

We’ve watched you take each milestone with simplicity and ease.  You just be.  You love your little dolly and most definitely your kitty cat.  In fact, your mommy says she thinks your first words were kitty cat.  You most definitely are a daddy’s girl and you’ve got him wrapped around your little finger with that sweet smile of yours.  You are a little cuddle bug when you want to be.  You are adventurous as you climb everything you see including mommy and daddy’s lap.  It’s apparently the best seat in the house.  You are curious as you are never satisfied to stay in one spot for very long.  When you couldn’t walk, you pointed to where next you wanted to go.  Now that you can walk, you’re everywhere and back again in an instant.  You love excitement as you get tossed in the air.  The higher the better.  You are not fearful at all and ready to take on any challenge.  You are so much like your mother both in looks and personality.  The one thing that you are not like your mother is when you want something or get mad, like when daddy takes your pickle… you curl your little fingers into a fist and shake them growling until he get what you want.  I love that you’re going to be a Star Wars freak like your parents as you already have your own “force” with you as you stretch your hands out forward and shake them and your face tenses up as you use that force.  You most definitely are going to move mountains.

You are an eater.  You have been from the start.  You love food…especially pickles.  Cucumber and vinegar for dinner…yes please.  Raspberries…the whole pint in one sitting of course.

I love that you can turn your grandpa into a little ball of mush the minute he sees you.  I love that you light up with a twinkle in your eye when you see him.  I love that when I say I’m going to get you, you try to run when you’ve just learned to walk laughing as you go.  You fall down, but it doesn’t deter you.  You simply stand back up and try again.  I love that you love your older brothers like you do.  When they come into the room, you are beaming with joy.  And I love that they return that right back to you.

I love that you walk around saying “happy, happy, happy”  all the time.  I love that when we just start to sing “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” you smile and start clapping.  I love that I can make you stop crying just by singing to you even though I can’t really sing.”  I love that you love to dance and actually have some rhythm.  I love that when you started playing on your piano, instead of slamming your hands down to make noise, you actually use your fingers to play the keys.  Music lessons are definitely in your future.

I love that you remind me so much of your mother.  It brings me so much joy seeing you grow and reminding me of what she was like as a little girl.

I love that you’re life is going to be filled with so much love and I love that you bring so much spunk into our lives.  I’m so looking forward to seeing what you’ll bring to our lives over the next year.  It’s a wonderful wonderland you’ve brought us to Frankie.

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet little grandaughter.