Doghouse Styled Wedding Shoot | Kingston Wedding Photographer

One of my goals as a wedding photographer in Kingston is to provide my clients with my very best work.  I can only achieve that by constantly striving to improve and step up what I do which means taking courses, attending workshops and collaborating on stylized photo shoots.  So when Tania, owner of Doghouse Studios, asked me to work with her on a styled wedding shoot, I of course jumped on the idea.  Doghouse Studios is one of the coolest venues in the area and I have a couple of upcoming weddings booked there so thought this to be the perfect opportunity to get in there and photograph.  I was not disappointed and am so anxious to get back in there and shoot some more.  It’s such a unique little venue with its old brick walls, steel doors, hardwood floors, and beautiful window light that it makes for the perfect backdrop for any bride’s special wedding.

The day started with our two models, Amelia and Catarina, getting beautified.  Not that they needed it, but when you have talented people like Kristin Melo from FAB doing makeup and Laura McAleer of Laura’s Beauty Bar doing hair, you know you’re not going to go wrong with their look.

We wanted to go for a little Gypsy inspired setting so items from Little River Vintage Rental & Event Design were used to create our theme with gorgeous grey tablecloths, gold charger plates and silverware, gold candlesticks and red goblets.  Chartreuse Flower Works created the most stunning table centre pieces and bouquets with rich burgundy and pink roses accentuated with blue thistles and a pineapple top.  Yes I said that right, pineapple stem.  Michelle is so talented and her floral designs unique as any bride is.  A little bit of fern added that little bit of wild element to top it off.

The most gorgeous bridal gown was provided by Bridal Creations & Murano’s Formal Wear along with a fabulous sparkling beaded bride’s maid dress I have ever seen.

I was so inspired by everyone’s creativity with designing this photoshoot that it has excited me to get more creative myself going forward.

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Venue:     Doghouse Studios
Decor:      Little River Vintage Rentals & Event Design
Makeup:  Kristin Melo from FAB
Hair:         Laura’s Beauty Bar
Gowns:     Bridal Creations & Murano’s Formalwear
Florals:     Chartreuse Flower Works
Photography:  Eden Grove Photography