Babies warm the heart and soul

What is it about a new little baby that just warms your soul?  The minute we see a tiny little person the corners of our mouths begin to curve upward, our eyes get this twinkle in them, our heart melts, and then we start speaking some foreign language as we’re saying things like ” aww…wwhat a swwweet wittle baby” and “whose got your wittle toesie woesies” as we stand in the middle of a mall oblivious to anyone around us…even the polite mother’s akward smile as she watches some stranger stand over her little one.  We can’t seem to help ourselves and we try to resist the urge to grab up that little bundle and cuddle away.  Little Giselle was no exception, but fortunately I actually get to snuggle these little joy bundles of happiness when they come to my studio.  I hate letting them leave when it’s over because they’re even more adorable sleeping away.