Refresh Your Perspective with Workshops

Photographers are always seeking out new ways to get their creative juices flowing, getting inspired, and making sure we don’t get into a rut.  We love what we do.  I know, you hear it all the time.  We have the greatest job around…and we do!  We get to meet such wonderful people and get a peek into their lives for just a moment and have the honor of capturing those memories for generations to come.  We don’t take that priviledge lightly.  So we want to make sure we’re constantly improving our skills and looking at things in a new perspective.  I recently had that opportunity to network with a wonderful group of photograpahers at The Refresh Workshop hosted by Jennifer Moher and Hugh Whitaker alongside Erin Lester and Jesse Bosse.  A huge thank you to all for your inspiration and knowledge.  It was a great experience that really has me pumped for the upcoming wedding season.  I’m excited to start storytelling with my imagery for my clients.  I also have to say that I loved making connections with so many other fabulous photographers and that we are continuing to share our knowledge and experiences even after the workshop is over.  I must say that Andrew and Alessandra were fabulous and so patient with our photographing them.